Introducing the GreenSmart
Remote Controlled Greywater Diverter


It’s the missing link in household greywater recycling technology.

GreenSmart Greywater Diverter is UPC Approved
  • In March, 2015, it became the first Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Listed and Code Approved (2015 Greenplumbing Code) Greywater/Wastewater diverter for diverting household greywater for irrigational reuse.
  • It is legal and approved for residential use by every Building & Safety Department in every city in the U.S. 
Remote control for GreenSmart Greywater Diverter
  • A push of a button on the wireless remote control at your shower, bath or laundry site diverts drainage to your garden or greywater system for reuse.
  • A second push diverts the flow back to the main sewer.
GreenSmart Greywater Diverter
  • Helps reduce household water consumption by up to 25% or more, depending on usage habits.
  • Built in Fail Safe to sewer in case of power outage.
  • Also perfect for septic tank systems - reduces pump outs.




Greensmart 2-inch-wastewater diverter

NOW UPC LISTED! The GreenSmart 2" Three-Way Single Actuated Electric Wastewater Diverter. Patent Pending. Learn More

NOW UPC LISTED! The GreenSmart 3" and 4" Dual Two-Way Actuated Electric Wastewater Diverters. Patent Pending. Learn More


AVAILABLE NOW! The GreenSmart 2" Manual Wastewater/Greywater diverter. Now available on-line. Learn More


NEW LA COUNTY GUIDELINES FOR ALTERNATE WATER SOURCES Los Angeles County has recently released a 24 page document providing guidelines for indoor and outdoor alternate water sources for non-potable uses.  CLICK HERE to view it.

NEW 2015 GREEN PLUMBING CODE REVISION - CHAPTER 16  — 1602.2.3 DIVERSION "The point of diversion of graywater to the sanitary drainage system shall occur downstream of fixture traps and vent connections through an approved graywater diverter valve. The graywater diverter valve shall be installed in an accessible location and clearly indicate the direction of flow."

See the GreenSmart Diverter In Action!



The GreenSmart Diverter is a practical, efficient, easy-to-use water conservation solution for homeowners and the entire water supply chain.


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