GreenSmart Diverter Unique Features

What Makes the GreenSmart Valve So Unique?

Our list of unique features and benefits continues to grow as we gather feedback from beta testers, government officials, and staff at local departments of water and power.

 GreenSmart Greywater Diverter & componentsEasy to Use – Activated Remotely

Up to now, diverting greywater to or from the sewer line usually meant crawling under a sink or going outdoors, locating a device under the house and manually activating a non-compliant drainage valve before going back into the house to take a shower (which is the largest potential source of household greywater). With the GreenSmart Diverter, the user simply presses a button on a small remote control unit (similar to a garage door opener) to redirect the greywater flow for reuse for landscape irrigation, etc. – or to send it directly to the sewer. It can easily be activated by users of all ages and the disabled.

Used in Real Time

It is the only greywater diversion valve that can be activated right at the location where the water is being used (Shower, bathtub, sink, washer, etc) – and while the water is being used.

The Only Diverter that Meets IAPMO  and UPC Standards

The GreenSmart Greywater Diverter is the only remote controlled greywater diverter that meets the new standard for greywater diverter valves as published by IAPMO PS 59-2013, Wastewater Diverter Valves and Diversion Systems. Read the IAPMO Standards. It is the only greywater/wastewater diverter for greywater reuse with a UPC listing.

Fail Safe

A built-in battery and fail safe actuator are employed to automatically redirect all water flow to the sewer system in case of a power failure.

Conserves Time & Resources

Less filtration time and equipment are required when the greywater being processed is “clean” greywater.