The GreenSmart Solution

The GreenSmart Remote Controlled Greywater Diverter:

The first and only practical, legally approved, UPC certified greywater diverter for residential use

The Greensmart Greywater Diverter is a wireless remote-controlled greywater diverter and “stub-out” device for greywater diversion systems. It’s easy to use, easy to install in new construction and remodels, depending on accessibility and type of construction.

It can help water companies and consumers reduce water consumption by up to approximately 25% or more, depending on usage habits.


Solution in action

GreenSmart House with captions
  1. When the shower is first turned on, the cold water (which is clean greywater) is diverted to the landscape by remote control with the simple push of a button located on the wall.
  2. When non-biodegradeable products (i.e. hair color) are used, it creates "dirty" greywater which is diverted to the sewer with another touch of the button.
  3. When the water is "clean" again, a press of the button redirects the shower drainage back to the garden.

Additional GreenSmart Diverter Options:


Greensmart Greywater Manual-Diverter-right

The GreenSmart 2" Manual Wastewater / Greywater Diverter

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Single Activated Wastewater Diverter by GreenSmartSC

The GreenSmart 2", 3", & 4" Patent Pending Electric Wastewater Diverters

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Current Status

The GreenSmart Remote Controlled Greywater Diverter and the GreenSmart Manual Wastewater / Greywater Diverter are both Universal Plumbing Code Listed. They are currently in production.

The Bottom Line
The combined characteristics of the Patent Pending GreenSmart Wastewater / Greywater Diverters present new solutions to many of the barriers that have held back the progress of institutional greywater regulatory approval worldwide. These devices and their processes have the capability to serve as the catalyst for furthering the greywater movement throughout the world.