New GreenSmart Wastewater Diversion Systems

Now Listed & Available

Three new wastewater diversion systems designed for commercial and other large project applications.  Provide code approved, practical wastewater solutions for builders, contractors, plumbers, plumbing engineers, wastewater installers and architects. Appropriate for all wastewater diversion applications: Greywater, Rainwater, Stormwater, Washdown water, etc.


The GreenSmart 2″ Three-Way Single Actuated
Electric Wastewater Diverter.
Patent Pending


Product Features

  • Combination matched ball valve and electric actuator systems.
  • To be UPC Listed for gravity fed wastewater diversion.
  • Sizes to be 2” 3-way, single actuator.
  • 3” & 4” dual 2-way PVC Ball Valves with dual phased actuation.
  • Third party testing done by IAPMO R&T to the Test Standard PS 59-2013.
  • Valves and actuators will be life cycle tested for 10,000 cycles and pressure tested for leakage.
  • All ball valves are PVC materials ASTM D1784, NSF 14/61
  • All sizes submitted are manufactured from the same materials
  • and standards.
  • Joining Methods to use primers and solvent cements that meet or exceed
  • ASTM F656 and AQSTM F493 respectively.
  • All ball valves are full port and feature a patented Dual Block design.
  • Not for Air or Gas usage.
  • Pressure Rated to 232psi at 73°
  • End Connections: Socket (IPS)
  • Seals: EPDM

The GreenSmart 3″ and 4″ Dual Two-Way Actuated
Electric Wastewater Diverters.
Patent Pending


Electric Actuation

  • UL Approved E303174
  • 24V AC/DC
  • To be powered by UL Class 2 power source supplied by installer
  • 110V/AC available, UL Approved
  • Supplied with Manual Fail Safe override.
  • Battery Fail Safe available from factory.
  • Supplied with IP 67, NEMA 4,  Plastic Enclosure
  • (Aluminum enclosure available, IP 67)
  • Torque Limiter, standard.
  • Positioner circuit – standard
  • Can be wired to toggle switches, float switches, RF Remote switches, and timers
  • Cycle Times:
    • 2″ 3-Way – 12 seconds
    • 3″ – 9 seconds
    • 4″ – 25 seconds

These diverters conform to all new Green Diversion requirements for new construction in the State of California regarding non-potable water reuse, recycling, and irrigation. Check with your local building authority.

Additional information coming soon.